About Us


Why did we choose KEMET as a name for our company ?

KEMET is an old name for ancient Egypt which means Black Soil ,
refering to the fertile black soil of the nile flood which gives us all of our products of herbs and spices.

Ensure Quality

We ensure that we do our best to provide our products with high standards to exceed more than our customer expectations.

What do we Offer ?

Our mission is to provide the market with quality products inspected, and supported by E.U. standards.
We sell in bulk and we are interested in buyers that will distribute and encourage our high quality organic dried herbs.

We are Certificated ?

we provide organic herbs and spices with high quality and competetive prices.
we ensure also that we provide an organic and certified products which meet the EU standards and Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture “ECOA” inspection measures.
the ECOA inspects and guides our cultivation according to EU measures of Organic cultivation.